The Build Process

Containers may be an expensive way to build a house, but they are a very cost effective way to build a high performing home.


TPS stands for Total Project Study. In the TPS stage, we talk with engineers, designers, local councils and logistic experts to uncover any potential speed bumps that may come up during the project.

This stage is presented with a report outlining the findings along with any recommendations, and a detailed estimate giving the client an accurate understanding of the proposed project, as well as a realistic idea of what it will cost. We apply for a LIM on the property at this stage to further our investigation and save you needing to obtain one later on.

$1450 + GST

Our payment process

1. 7.5% - Design stage Deposit
2. 7.5% - Working drawings, council submission
3. 20% - Consent accepted, start container cutout stage
4. 10% - Start structural steel, and exterior paint stage
5. 10% - Containers modified and painted, start framing stage
​6. 10% - Frame stage complete, start subcontractor stage
7. 10% - Subcontractor stage complete, insulate containers and install windows

8. 10% - House is closed in and weathertight, start internal finishings stage
9. 5% - Internal finishings are complete, start roof, and kitchen and bathroom stage
10. 5% - House at Shape's premise is complete, start foundation stage, deliver the house and connect to site.
11. 5% - House is complete, Code of compliance certificate is issued