The Build Process

Containers may be an expensive way to build a house, but they are a very cost effective way to build a high performing home.


TPS stands for Total Project Study. In the TPS stage, we talk with engineers, designers, local councils and logistic experts to uncover any potential speed bumps that may come up during the project.

This stage is presented with a report outlining the findings along with any recommendations, and a detailed estimate giving the client an accurate understanding of the proposed project, as well as a realistic idea of what it will cost. We recommend you apply for a PIM on the property at this stage as this will provide you with important information.

$1200 + GST

Our payment process

  1. 1. 7.5%
  2.  Design stage (Deposit)
  3.  This stage leads on from the feasibility. Our architect produces a set of architectural drawings based on the initial design and any changes made by the client and architect during this stage. Any changes are priced at this point and treated as a variation to the contract. 
  4. 2. 7.5%
  5.  Working drawings, Christchurch council submission
  6.  Once all variations are agreed upon and the drawings have been accepted, our architect will produce a full set of working drawings and submit the plans to the council for consent 
  7. 3. 20%
  8.  Consent accepted, start container cut-out stage, local consent submission
  9.  On receiving confirmation of consent acceptance we order the containers and structural steel. Once the material is on our premise the container modification process begins. Alongside this process, we submit all pre-prepared documents to the local council for foundations, services and land sitting consent. This stage is complete when steel window frames are built, and the containers are cut. 
  10. 4. 10%
  11.  Structural steel, and exterior paint stage
  12.  All structural steel is now welded into place completing the modification of the containers. We now apply our paint system 
  13. 5. 10%
  14.  Onsite foundations local consent dependant
  15.  This stage can be carried out at any point once local consent has been granted. Any onsite excavation work e.g building platform and driveway is also carried out at this stage. 
  16. 6. 10%
  17.  Roof construction, internal wall framing, windows
  18.  This stage follows stage 4 once all container modifications are complete. Stage 6 includes all internal framing, roof structure, floor ply and windows. 
  19. 7. 10%
  20.  Insulation, subcontractors pre-fit (electrician, heating, plumbing) internal doors
  21.  This stage can begin as soon as the internal wall frames are complete in stage 6. This stage is completed with a passed council inspection and includes everything that goes behind your internal wall linings 
  22. 8. 10%
  23.  internal linings, trim, bathroom components, internal decorating, kitchen, onsite services
  24.  This stage completes the house in our premise in preparation for house delivery, the onsite services are trenched and piped at this stage. Note Shape Construction are only project managing the onsite services on behalf of the client. 
  25. 9. 5%
  26.  House complete at Shapes premise, ready for transport, transit insurance in place 
  27. 10. 5%
  28.  House delivery, connected to foundations and services The delivery stage includes all insurances, travel, cranage, staff accommodation, house connection onsite and all health and safety. 
  29. 11. 5%
  30.  All site works complete, final inspection passed and code of compliance certificate issued 
  31. At this stage, all water tanks, septic, solar, wind turbines, and hard landscaping is complete