Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at some things you might want to know about Shape Construction Ltd including our processes, timelines and systems. 

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  • What can a Prefab building be used for?

    A home, an office, a batch, granny flat, additions to existing homes, apartment complex etc. The options are endless!

  • How does a container home deal with internal moisture?

    With the container homes superior insulation we recommend the use of mechanical ventilation for keeping your homes air fresh and condensation free.

  • Where can I put a container home?

    A container home with the correct council and resource consents can be placed anywhere a traditional house can, with the added advantage of being able to go to extremely remote locations.

  • Can Shapes container/prefab homes achieve code of compliance?

    Yes our container homes are fully consented with code of compliance.

  • If it is considered permanent does that mean I can't move it?

    Prefabricated homes are considered permanent structures, but like conventional timber-framed houses there are relocation options.

  • How are Shapes homes insulated?

    We use a highly efficient soy-based polyurethane closed-cell foam, resulting in no air gaps eliminating air transfer. This pushes the condensation point to the external side of any steel structure keeping moisture out and keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

  • What is included in the price? What other costs should be considered?

    Our pricing includes your prefab build with all the fixtures. Costs to consider which vary by location: Delivery/setup, foundation, permits, local building contribution costs and utility service upgrades.

  • Will my container home rust?

    Our homes are prepared and painted using a system compliant with the guidelines NZTA use when painting steel structures such as bridges. This gives your home the best protection from the harshest of conditions whether it be a highly corrosive sea spray zone or the wetlands of Milford sounds.

  • What sort of roof is used?

    We can utilise multiple roofing systems to best fit your design and budget, ranging from traditional pitched roofs, mono-pitched roofs and laser-cut poly with a torch on membrane for a low profile look.

  • Do we use second hand containers?

    Shape recommends the use of brand new single trip high cube containers as these are likely to be in the best condition visually and it is easy to trace what the container has been used for.

    The use of B-Grade containers isn't uncommon as they are cheaper and if you opt to clad the outside of your home with a weather shield you can cover any cosmetic damage.

  • How long will the building process take?

    Once the initial design and consent is through, our build times vary heavily on the size and layout of your house. To give you an idea our 'Urban' model from our Shelter Series will take between 12-14 weeks to build.

  • How much do container homes cost?

    Download the brochure below for priced concepts and payment processors.