The Cottage

Location: Glenure

Foundation: Surefoot Micropile system

Delivery: Crane Truck

This quaint little cottage located in the deep south is designed with functionality and warmth in mind.

Set on a farm inland of Gore as a self-sufficient home for the client's mother to live in. Sitting approximately 45km from Glenaray Station which holds the current lowest temperature in New Zealand's recorded history of -18º, it is safe to say that insulation and warmth was a key design feature.

Made of 3 x 20ft high cube shipping containers to create a 2 bedroom home with a full bathroom, kitchen, living and dining space. Supported using a Surefoot foundation system for an easy installation and low profile look. Insulated with closed cell spray foam and double glazed windows to maximise heat retention and keep out the cold during the winter, all while keeping the home cool during the hot summers.


Location: The remote location of the farm meant finding a local builder able to commit to building there was a tough ask. After having searched for more than 2 years the client approached Shape about our ability to prefabricate 95% of the build offsite in our yard and then deliver to their property and complete the remaining 5% on-site. We were able to complete the build in our yard and minimise the on-site time to just 5 days.

Site Damage: Glenure is a high rainfall area especially during the Winter months. The saturated ground can lead to a large amount of site damage during a full build process. Combing the prefabrication of the house and the use of the Surefoot foundation system the ground disturbance was nothing more than a few tire marks from the Hiab truck during the house delivery.