Location: Elemental Distillers.

Foundations: Concrete Strip Foundation.

Delivery: Crane Truck.

A small project consisting of turning two B grade shipping containers into an insulated storeroom with a cool room incorporated in the rear of the unit itself. Timber framed and insulated with closed cell soy spray foam for the best R-value to thickness ratio available. Lined internally with CD grade plywood and finished with commercial grade slip resistant vinyl to the floor that is wrapped up the walls 100mm to make the area washable. 


Short timeframe: This project was brought to Shape at the beginning of November with the age-old saying of "Done by Christmas". With the design and engineering completed in just over a week, the containers arrived on the 9th of November. Full steelwork modifications, full external paint, internal frame, pre-wire, insulation, linings and internal electrical fit-off having been completed in our yard by the 15th of December. The containers were picked up on the 16th and delivered and installed on the 17th of December.

New 30m² Exemption: With the new 30m² rules introduced in August 2020 this was the first job Shape was able to undertake within this new exemption. Being able to build within this exemption saved us a considerable amount of time with not needing to lodge a consent with the council. 

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