Location: Owaka, Catlins

Foundation: Surefoot Micropile System

Delivery: LTM 1055 All Terrain Crane

A spectacular holiday home located on the east coast of the south island in the beautiful Caitlins region. Designed for comfortable living whilst capturing the beauty of the landscape.

The Catlins area is famous for its wet weather and heavy downpours. Constructed from five modified 20ft high cube containers to create a 75 square meter floor plan with spacious living and breathtaking views in mind. Set atop steel piles lifting the house above the tree line to take in the view of the Catlins river without disturbing the land.



Location: The remote location of the site meant finding a local builder capable of committing to building there was difficult. This made Shapes prefabrication ability a very feasibly option. Building the home in our yard and then trucking them to the site gives us greater quality control over the whole job. The site provides its challenges with a long narrow windy driveway crowded with trees. A lot of tree trimming took place on the day of delivery to allow the trucks to make it up to the site without damaging the finished exterior of the units. A 55ton all-terrain crane was used to lift the units into place with the longest lift being just over 18m. Each unit was brought up the driveway one at a time where the crane lifted them directly from the truck onto the pre-installed piles. 

Weather: The unpredictable and often extreme weather was a major factor taken into consideration during the design of the home. With heavy downpours, a frequent occurrence the design of the roof had to be robust and waterproof without compromising on the sleek low profile look. This was achieved through the use of laser-cut polystyrene with a double layer torch on membrane which achieves maximum waterproofing with a minimum of 1.5-degree roof pitch allowing us to keep the low profile look.

High corrosion zone: Being less than 50m from the Catlins river estuary, the home is exposed to high levels of wind-driven salt. When building a home predominantly clad in steel, rust is a major factor that has to be taken into consideration. Shipping containers are made of corten steel which could more accurately be termed as an "Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant Steel". We then go and coat all the steel of the container and foundations with a 2 pot engineered paint system which boasts an impressive 25-year re-coat period, this is then further protected with a 2 layered final coat of the clients colour choice adding to the paints life span.