Location: Luggate, Central Otago

Foundation: Concrete Block Ring

Delivery: Crane Truck

The perfect Cabin to go along with a brilliant Shelter!

An elegant prefabricated build with a 30m² floor plan containing a full bathroom fitted with a freestanding fully copper bathtub featuring externally mounted copper piping and fixtures with an attached copper rain head spout. A seperate toilet and entrance area and a living/bedroom area fitted with Roaring Meg fireplace.

3 meter wide double sliding doors fitted to the living and bathroom giving a great view over the pond and  really brings the outside in.

A fully lined inside plywood finish with a clear lacquer coating with a baby corrugate feature wall in the bathroom. Heavily insulated walls ceiling and floor to keep the heat in and the cold out means being barefoot in the middle of winter is never an issue.

Externally finished with torched Larch cladding and Corten steel sheets to tie the look of the cabin into the existing Shelter.



Delivery: The delivery and installation of the cabin provided a difficult challenge. Its placement on the site was behind the existing Shelter and had extensive landscaping completed meaning access for a truck or crane was very limited without causing damage. The unit was transported on a trailer unit to the site where the crane truck had to detach the trailer to position itself to be able to lift the Cabin to its foundations. This installation consisted of multiple lifts and repositioning of the crane truck.

Product Manufacture: The design and manufacture of the Cabin itself proved to be a challenge as we wanted to have the unit as close to finished for delivery as possible. The interior of the unit was 100% complete for delivery including the copper bath! The exterior of the Cabin has a soffit and wing wall over hangs to create an eyebrow effect to match the front of the Shelter. This had to be designed for onsite installation whilst keeping the onsite works to a minimum.